Restaurant Recruiting Companies

Helping Restaurants Find the Right Staff

Restaurant recruiting is the process of gathering applicants, selecting and placing temporary or permanent employees in a restaurant. Positions to be field vary according to the restaurant’s requirements. Click on our current openings page to discover job opportunities in your city.

Aside from the mere process of bringing potential employees to restaurants, the recruitment process may also include the procedures done before the process of releasing job opportunities for people. These procedures include creating job descriptions to give applicants an idea about the offered jobs as well as other candidate specifications. In most cases, post-employment procedures for various jobs such as restaurant general manager jobs and regular staff like on-boarding and induction are included.

While a lot of companies hire restaurant recruiting companies for every needed staff in their operations, some clients prefer getting these companies help in looking for managerial staff such as restaurant area manager jobs and other similar jobs. Their main task is to find the right individuals who will lead clients’ staff to promoting success for the company.

Individuals Taking Part on Restaurant Recruiting

A lot of individuals can be in charge of recruiting restaurant employees based on their size and employee requirements. In-house managers and human resources personnel, or a third-party recruiting company may conduct the hiring process for the company. On the other hand, public sector agencies and special recruitment consultancy companies can help clients look for people to fill up restaurant district manager jobs.

Throughout the years, the recruitment process has evolved and now utilizes various tools including the Internet in finding people filling the job openings. The Internet has revolutionized the process of searching for people with the help of social media and other platforms that inform people about the job openings. Sourcing is among the common ways of promoting job openings that can be done through internal or external advertising or combination of the two. Advertising process includes posting on social media, the traditional newspaper ad, posters and a lot more.

Finding the Right People for the Job

Managerial jobs have more responsibilities than regular staff or employees. With the responsibilities on their shoulders, it is crucial for recruitment to find the right people for the job. The recruitment specialist utilizes numerous things in order to assess if applicants are fit for restaurant area manager jobs. Among these are resume screenings, tests and interviews. Screening applicants through their resumes will filter the people with necessary skills, experience and knowledge required for managerial jobs. Knowing the suitable people right at the beginning will save everyone time and test expenses if credentials do not fit the requirement.

The next stages of application process for staff and restaurant general manager jobs include different testing procedures. The test may concentrate in assessing their knowledge on specific aspects of the job such as proper customer and staff management and other technicalities a professional in this job needs. Another set of tests is psychological testing, which will assess a person’s characteristics and social skills to see if he fits the profile of their needed employees. Our firm has many client references from our many years of successful job placements.

Finally is the interview process. The interview process is often conducted in two levels. First is the initial interview conducted by restaurant recruiting professional or agency staff. The next interview level is where the restaurant’s general manager or executive conducts the interview.

Payment for the Recruiting Professional

It has been a common question among individuals how recruiting companies or professionals get paid in this line of business. A company receives contingency fees when a candidate for jobs such as restaurant district manager jobs accepted the job offer. Usual rates are around 15% to 35% of the new employee’s base salary for the first year.

Aside from this contingency fee, an advance payment is also paid for the restaurant recruiting company as retainer. A full amount is needed to be paid based on the outcome or the number of individuals who filled he job. The percentage of upfront payment varies across recruitment professionals.

A recruitment agency may be doing the work, but its staff also needs to collaborate with the restaurant’s managers or executives to monitor the number of people landing the job.

High Profile Recruiters

Aside from regular recruiters, some restaurants and dining establishments look for individuals who are experts in the field. They are in need of new executives who can drive their businesses to greater success. This is where headhunters come in.

Headhunting is referred to the process of looking for prospects beyond the usual recruitment process. Restaurant mogul brands usually hire this service to look for other similar businesses’ executives and have their expertise on board in their companies. Due to the high profile nature of hiring these experts, headhunters are known for being more aggressive recruiters and even negotiate salary to entice the executive to change companies in the process. Formal meetings are conducted on top of calling or sending them mails to leave good impression and persuade the headhunter expert properly.

On top of their aggressive recruitment techniques, headhunters also invest on various solutions that help them find the right people to headhunt. Examples of these solutions are programs that harvest list of executives from a wide array of industries. They can start calling these experts after seeing their names and assessing that they are the right ones for the job.

Due to the limited number of individuals who will fit the profile of executives, headhunters do not usually advertise that they are recruiting specific people. They only look for the right people fitting the profile and then focus their attention on them.

Unlike regular recruitment experts, headhunters gain the most amount of fees whenever applicants accept the job offer. They make around 30% of the new executive’s annual base salary upon signing up the contract. Since these individuals are headhunted executives, they have high amounts of salaries, which makes headhunters’ shares more significant than companies searching for managers and restaurant staff.

Without a doubt, restaurant recruiting is an important aspect of having the right people in a company. These recruiting companies have the eye and expertise that help them spot the right people to join a restaurant business. The right professionals managing people ensure the company will be successful in the long run. Contact us today and have a search specialist assist you in finding your next hire.