Restaurant Manager Jobs in New York City

When searching for our clients in restaurant manager jobs in New York City we have definitive qualifications, as well as a grey area of what is required in order to place a candidate in a management position in a restaurant we represent.

Due to the nature of each individual concept, there may be niche experience requested of our candidates. Those may be defined by whether it is a fine dining chain, where our objective is to find a manager with an expansive wine background, or extensive knowledge in quality of cuts of meat. Or a casual dining concept that is focused on high volume and they request that we submit candidates with a history that includes a wide variety of beers & ales, or that they have gastro-pub work experience on their resume. Those are a couple of examples of that grey area mentioned. But, the majority of what we look for, no matter what the concept, is a standard history that is expected among this industry and a good candidate has these included on their resume when we receive it.

The ideal candidate we look to place in a position with one of our many clients will have the standard history or background mentioned listed on their resume. Beyond that it should always include the time they’ve acquired IN restaurants managing a team, an education in Hospitality or Business, the companies they’ve worked for with the timeline they spent with each, and a detail of the duties and responsibilities they had with those employers. Awards, and personal recognition are important, as well as any affiliations to organizations that are focused on the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry.

It is worth mentioning, that a resume submitted for a particular position should almost exclusively be limited to the time an individual has spent in that industry, and most definitely when applying for an executive or management position. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. It is astounding the amount of resume’s we receive each day from a person who worked in a restaurant a decade or more ago, and now wants to be considered for an Assistant GM position in restaurant. That is, for who we represent, not an option. This is an occurrence that happens far too often. To highlight, here is a fictitious example of who we are not looking for; a resume comes across my desk that has been sent to us by a person in their late 30’s, a person who worked in a restaurant in their teens to early 20’s (at any level) while working their way through college to acquire their degree in psychology. They graduated, and then went on to work in a high school for 15 years, only to discover they were unhappy and now, a decade and a half later, want to get back in the restaurant industry. This person would never be presented to any of our Firm’s clientele. It’s not to say that their drive is not admirable, but our duty to our clients is to provide candidates that have chosen this industry and made restaurants their career. At the very minimum, a candidate interested in a position through our Firm must have 3 current years in restaurant management on their resume. We may feel for a person for having made a choice in their career path that has ended up not fulfilling them, but they would not be a viable candidate for any of our clients. This is why we are called on to hire for them, our companies vetting process of who we submit to our clients is unmatched and is what sets our firm apart from other recruiters.

We represent some of the finest establishments, and the most successful companies, because we are selective in who we present to them. The “flesh peddling” mentality of other firms, is a label we have no desire to have pinned to our team, and it is why the best in this industry call on us when they are looking for management and executive candidates for their restaurants. It is also why the best of the best candidates in the restaurant industry call on us to find them their dream jobs too.

Our candidates will have a proven track record – one of longevity and loyalty, with no more than 3 or 4 employers in the last decade – who will show references from individuals within the restaurant industry that will vouch for their performance, and who have no issue in the normal process of background verification and/or if our client requires a drug panel.

Today we are actively pursuing candidates for restaurant manager jobs in New York City for openings in Kitchen Managers, Assistant Managers, Front of the House Managers, Assistant General Managers and General Managers. If you are among the best in the restaurant industry, we want to talk to you. If you fit into the aforementioned description, please submit your resume by visiting our website, for more information.