Doug Branigan

Vice President Franchise Development and Operations, Black Bear Diner (Former VP Ops West, Morton’s)
1) “Your Interview notes and reference checks are the most thorough and professional I’ve seen in the industry.
2) You have a strong network to draw qualified candidates from as well as a great ability to develop a feel for what I’m looking for, so my time is not spent interviewing candidates that do not fit our profile.
3) You’re not one of those typical flesh peddlers.”

Doug Gammon

VP HR & Training, Black Angus Steakhouses (former VP Marriott Management Services)      

The Peck-Waylett Group has handled all our Management Recruiting for over 6 years.  Cathy Waylett and her team act almost like they are our internal recruiters, including frequent communication with our District Managers as well as administrative support for job postings, reference checking and even drafting offer letters for my signature.  When we eliminated our own recruiter I was sure there would be a major impact on my time commitment but with their support and engagement, it has been very manageable.  Cathy Waylett has managed to help us all find great candidates, vet them and overall provide great talent acquisition services.  We don’t know what we would do without them!

Al Lucas

Director Operations, Starr Restaurant Organization
“Cathy Waylett has proven to be much more than your typical “head-hunter.” She feels more like a partner in your business. The two things we all seem to want is more time and great people for our business. Cathy has helped me with both. Her thoroughness in providing me with well-referenced, qualified people does save me time, and she certainly has helped me build a great team.”

Kate Shehan

Legal Seafoods, VP Human Resources
“Consider Cathy Waylett the “Manager Matchmaker.” She has a special ability to match the personalities and experience with our company’s personality and needs. She does this by devoting significant time to assess her candidates through her interviews and reference checks. By the time her group presents a manager to me, I know that Cathy thinks highly enough of the candidate that she would hire them too! Secondly, she promotes and represents our company so professionally and positively that she could be on our staff!”